Bryton Cycle Jersey (Preorder)

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Bryton Cycle Jersey Size Chart:


  • S = 88-94 cm
  • M = 94-100 cm
  • L = 100-106 cm
  • XL = 106-112 cm
  • XXL = 112 – 119 cm
  • XXXL = 119 – 126 cm


  • S = 79-85 cm
  • M = 85-91 cm
  • L = 91-97 cm
  • XL = 97-103 cm
  • XXL = 103-111cm
  • XXXL = 111-118 cm

More about the Bryton cycle jersey

The Bryton cycle jersey is an aerodynamically fine-tuned jersey, perfect for all-day comfort. When it comes to all things sporty, aerodynamics are super important. A design that fits the sporty requirement will go a long way in making your ride more comfortable and more efficient. If you've ever ridden a bicycle with a normal t-shirt, you'll be very familiar with the intense drag and discomfort they cause, not to mention how out of place it looks. A cycling jersey also goes a long way to making you cooler and more comfortable, which should not be underestimated. Being in comfort while doing any sport has a great boost on your mental state, as you have even less to focus on. We all know that the best sports performance comes from a strong mind, an unhindered mind that is set on the task at hand. This is exactly why you should invest into a cycle jersey of enhanced quality. Our Bryton cycle jersey uses matrix base fabric with aerodynamically correct lycra sleeves with seamless sleeve ends. The cycle jersey is also securely fastened by a heavy duty zipper that is perfect for high use. Lastly, the Bryton cycle jersey also boasts 3 easily reachable back pockets that are perfect for small items like keys, wallets or energy bars and the works.

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Bryton cycle jersey specifications

  • Aerodynamically tuned jersey, tailored for all-day comfort
  • Matrix base fabric.
  • Aerodynamically correct Lycra raglan sleeves with seamless sleeve ends
  • Long lockable heavy duty zipper
  • 3 easily reachable back pockets
  • 100% customizable
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