17.3 x 69.5 x 45.1 mm, 1.8" (4.7cm), 56g, 128 x 160 pixels, IPX7, yes, yes, Up to 36 Hours, 130 laps / 300 Hours, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, 72+, yes, yes, yes, Plan Trip, 8, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
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The Rider 330 cycling device is an all in one navigation and advanced training device. It is designed for mountain bike cyclists. The compact size ensures that the Rider 330 will stay securely fixed to your bike, even in the most rugged terrain.

More About The Bryton Rider 330 GPS Device

What's in the box? of the Bryton Rider 330?

The new Follow Track Function is one of the latest features on The Bryton Rider 330 GPS Device. This functionality is essentially your very own guide - it provides you with vital road and distance information, before every turn. Using the Bryton App to plan your cycling excursions has never been as simple as now. The Bryton Rider 330 GPS Device also allows your to follow previous rides on your device history. Alternatively, you can download GPX tracks that were uploaded by other cyclists. Either way, your Bryton Rider 330 GPS Device ensures a top ride for you.

A further advantage of the Bryton Rider 330 GPS Device is that it has a built in electronic compass. This electronic compass will ensure that you will always be sure in which direction you are heading. With the Bryton Rider 330 GPS Device you'll always know your location!

The Bryton Rider 330 GPS Device integrates seamlessly with the Bryton App. Cycling tracks and routes, as well as workout data, can be synced via WLAN from the device to the Bryton App. All of this takes just a few seconds. This will enable you to view your progress. Data is displayed via graphical analysis. A further advantage is that cyclists can now share their rides on social media platforms. The setup of the App is user friendly, with a simple setup your tracks will be automatically synced to STRAVA. You will be able to compete with millions of cycling enthusiasts on the STRAVA platform.

The Bryton Rider 330 GPS Device provides the most appropriate way in which a mountain biker can plan, ride, train, analyze and share his biking experience.

Bryton Rider 330 - Innovative GPS Device

  • Exquisite GPS Cycling Computer
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver for fast positioning.
  • No speed sensor installation needed. Just power on and go.
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Large and easy-to-read display
  • 7 customizable data screen with maximum of 8 data per page
  • Follow track plus turn by turn navigation
  • Built-in compass provides heading information
  • Built-in barometer for training with terrain
  • Bryton test preloaded to test your limits and train systematically.
  • One second recording
  • Compatible with ANT+ Heart Rate monitor, speed, cadence sensors and power meter for advance training.
  • Anti-glare display for daytime and clear backlight for night rides.
  • Support for viewing stats on devices or uploading to Strava, Training Peaks, and Fit track.
  • Support Bryton app for planning trip, analyzing and sharing tracks.
  • Strava Auto Upload to sync your activities seamlessly from Bryton app

*Turn by turn information is only available when planning trips using Bryton app

Meter Mode:

The Bryton Rider 330 GPS Device's ASD Auto Sensor Display ensure: The device will automatically adjust its data field display when detecting the paired sensors.

Manual setting: You can customize your data field based on your training goal.

Navigation Mode:

Bryton Rider 330 - Best GPS Device For MTB Riders
If you enjoy riding long mountain trials, Rider 330 is right for you. It has up to 36 hours of battery life and supports power bank. It has the perfect size that can be firmly secured onto your mountain bike, allowing you to challenge uneven gravely trails without any worries.

Bryton Rider 330 - Leading Your Way
Ride on a new adventure with the new Follow Track feature and never get lost ! You can plan trip via Bryton App, download gpx tracks online or use previous ride activities (history) to let Rider 330 be your personal guide. With turn by turn navigation, the device offers info for distance and direction before every turn. Enjoy your ride, Rider 330 will lead the way.

Bryton Rider 330 - Built in Electronic Compass
With built-in compass, the device provides the specific direction, allowing you to be always on top of where you are and to which direction you are heading.

Bryton Rider 330 - Fast Data Transfer
Using the Wireless Local Area Network technology, Rider 330 has better phone compatibility and faster data transfer capacity. It can update firmware, upload and download tracks in seconds. It can update your satellites data, calibrate altitude and upload to STRAVA automatically.

Bryton Rider 330 - Sync to Bryton App
Enjoy the seamless over-the-air synchronization with the new Bryton App. Your tracks and workout data can be synced via WLAN from the device to Bryton App, where you can view progress, graphical analysis and share rides on social media, With simple setup, Bryton App’ STRAVA Auto Upload also makes it easier for you to share your activities to STRAVA and compare with millions. GPS Update are available for maintaining data accuracy on your device.

• Model: Rider 330
• Dimension WxHxD: 45.1x 69.5 x 17.3mm
• Device Weight: 56 g
• Display: 1.8" Mono LCD
• Battery hour: 36 hours
• GPS: High-Sensitivity Chipset
• Waterproof: IPX7
• Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
• Alerts: Yes
• Lap history: 130 laps
• Log history: 300 hours
• Heart rate zones: 7 zones
• Operating Temperature: -10C° ~ 50C°

Optional Accessories

F-Mount, ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor, ANT+ Speed Sensor, ANT+ Cadence Sensor, ANT+ Speed and Cadence Dual sensor

Visit the Bryton Rider 330 cycling computer's roadie brother.

Best value for money unit on the market and the only bike computer you will ever need paired with your favorite accessories.
Excellent battery life and integrates with Strava!!
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Physical Dimensions:
17.3 x 69.5 x 45.1 mm
Display size:
1.8" (4.7cm)
Display resolution:
128 x 160 pixels
Weight (g):
Water resistance rating:
Barometric Altimeter:
Battery Life:
Up to 36 Hours
130 laps / 300 Hours
HR Sensor Compatible:
Power Meter Compatible:
Speed and cadence Sensor compatible:
1s Recording mode:
Auto Lap:
Auto Pause:
Auto Scroll:
Bryton App Compatible:
Follow Track:
HR-based Calorie Computation:
Interval Training:
Plan Trip
No. of Customizable Grid/Pages:
On device summery:

What's in the box

- Rider 330 main unit

- USB Cable

- Bike Mount

- Quick start guide

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