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About the Chunky ESI Silicon Grips

Right off the bat, you hardcore riders out there will be happy to know that these chunky silicon grips come in a range of colours. You can be riding in black and mean, or pink and, well, playful. Whatever your style, these chunky silicon grips will blend right in (or stand out) while offering an excellent shock absorbing service. The greater diameter of these chunky ESI grips also ensures that you’ll be able to handle all the shock you put your bike through, whilst you are being cheeky on the trails, in the city, or (if you are that kind of rider) on somebody’s roof.

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Why ESI Grips?

Because of the capacity of the silicon to ‘remember’ your hand shape, no bumps or contours are needed to ensure effective grip - the ESI silicon grip literally molds itself to your hands, crafting a custom fit.

The grips are also sold such that they create a custom fit for your bike. The grips are, by design, too long for your bars, so that you simply cut them shorter to fit your bike perfectly.

The sleek design of these grips, coupled with the fact that they are made of silicon, produces a grip that keeps your hands where they are supposed to be, without being sticky. The combination of silicon and sleek exterior also reduces hand fatigue - The silicon's absorption capacity works alongside the lack of bumps (that can focus pressure on small parts of your hands), to lower the amount of hand numbness you experience on those hard rides you love.

The silicon ESI grips are UV resistant, do not require any glue to stay on your bars (they are grippy enough to stay put, by themselves, without throttling) and easy to wash (they are removable via the use of alcohol - and no, you apply the alcohol to the bike, not to yourself, although, that would also be an option.) Well, now you know a lot about the ESI chunky silicon grips, if you still want to dive deeper, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

ESI Chunky Silicon Grips Specs:

  • 60 grams
  • Standard Grip Length - 5 1/8"
  • 32mm
  • Weight plus or minus 5%
  • 1 Set of Bar Plugs Included

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