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    GPS devices are becoming more and more popular among athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. We live in an age where data and statistics are an absolute necessity with regard to our daily workouts. People are becoming more health conscious, which also means more people are exercising. Cycling is one of the most popular and rewarding workouts, people are loving it. At Bryton SA, we provided GPS devices that makes the cycle experience so much more worth it. We understand that GPS devices are needed for a few very important reasons, namely:

  • Knowledge is power. GPS devices really places emphasis on the context of your ride. In the past your workout might have meant little to you; other than how exhausted you might feel. GPS devices now places those exhausting workouts within a context.
  • GPS devices allow you to save routes, which goes a long way in your bid to challenge yourself on old routes, or just to show off a route you like with your friends.
  • Everyone sharing, sharing, sharing. We live in an age where social media has become one of the most popular daily human interactions. Everyone loves sharing their workouts, which is quite impossible without a GPS device or other form of tracking. At Bryton SA, we give you the power to share your workouts with your friends, even if it’s just with your fellow Strava enthusiasts.
  • GPS Devices are convenient. Bryton SA GPS Devices are built to professional standards in terms of both durability and function. You no longer have to worry about placing your phone in considerable danger by strapping it to the side of your arm, or carrying it in a make-shift protective case in the back of your cycle shirt. The convenience of GPS devices is that they are fastened in an optimum position which is specifically designed to be most convenient for your viewing, while remaining unobtrusive and out of serious harm’s way. And, if push comes to shove, your device will also be able to stand up very worthily against weather conditions or the odd tumble or two – however, we do strongly recommend that you keep your eye out and avoid falling, for your own safety.
  • Finally, and most simply, GPS devices from Bryton SA provides valuable statistics that are nice to have. Statistics are part of all sports these days. Without stats, you have no means of placing what you did within a strong context. You cannot compete with others nor can you compete against yourself. Having the knowledge of your distance, speed, average speed etc. means that you have the ability to be inspired to improve. GPS devices are more than just navigation tools; they are powerful tools that can help turn ordinary riders into professional athletes.

  • Popular Bryton SA GPS Devices

    Bryton SA offers GPS devices with a plethora of functions that will suit all your needs. Our Rider 530 is a highly powerful GPS device designed for pros. It boasts over 72 functions, including stats and compatibility such as: time, speed, distance, lap, power, cadence, heart rate, calories, altitude, temperature, heading and many more. The incredible 530 also boasts features, such as, Power on & Go, IPX7 Waterpoof, 33 hour battery life, Bluetooth 4.0, WLAN, ride summary and much more. Another top Bryton GPS device is the Rider 330, which boasts the same amount of functions and similar features. The core difference is that the 330 is slightly smaller and targets the ruggedness of mountain biking more specifically. At Bryton SA we also offer exclusive traid-in deals on our GPS Devices. The Rider 530 comes with a R700 trade deal, whereas the Rider 330 comes with R500 trade in assistance. In simple terms, our trade in entails you handing over your old, working GPS device, which will then ear you the discounted price. Furthermore, you could save an overall cost of 9% if you bought our Rider 330 + Mio Velo Heart Rate Monitor combo.

More about the Bryton Rider 330

Bryton Rider 330 GPS Device

The Rider 330 cycling device is an all in one navigation and advanced training device. It is designed for mountain bike cyclists. The compact size ensures that the Rider 330 will stay securely fixed to your bike, even in the most rugged terrain. Find out more about the Bryton Rider 330.

More about the Bryton Rider 530Bryton Rider 530 Main Banner

Navigation and advanced training are all in one simple-to-use Rider 530 cycling computer! Designed for pro cyclists, the Rider 530 is constructed with a big 2.6” screen, displaying 12 cycling data stats per page, perfect for advanced training. Find out more about the Bryton Rider 530.

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