Halo II - pullover headband

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Halo II Headband Info

The Halo headband is, to put it simply, a headband that works. All of the choices made by its creators, form materials used, to the shape of the Halo II headband, works together to perform a single task - keeping the sweat out of your eyes. It is the perfect companion for those of us who participate in sports such as cycling, rowing or tennis - any activity, in fact, where you could build up a sweat. In anticipation of the wide range of situations it could be used in, by all kinds of different people, the Halo II sweatband comes in an array of colours. Whatever style your rock, there is a Halo out there that will keep the sweat out of your face whilst keeping you looking (and - literally - feeling) as cool as one could possibly look in a headband.

Features Of The Halo II Headband

Utilizing elastic materials to create a pullover design, the Halo II Headband ensures a skin tight, yet comfortable, fit for all head shapes. Patented SweatBlock Technology and Dryline® Fabric couples with the close fit of the headband to effectively redirect sweat away from your eyes, whilst also absorbing moisture and drying quickly. What further sets the Halo Headband apart from its competition is the use of odor resistant materials in its construction, its one year “no defects” manufactures guarantee, and its compatibility with helmets - it fits very comfortably under them.

Yeah, This Headband Really Works

Look, don’t just take our word for it, check out customer reviews online. People have extensively used this product, washing it daily whilst riding, running or rowing long miles in it. And the Halo Headband has lapped it up with ease. It wicks their sweat away, it is durable. It works. So, if you are planning on working up some sweat in the coming months, get the best, grab a Halo Headband- it’ll go with you anywhere, keeping the sweat out of your eyes, for a long time.

Halo II Pullover Headband Specifications:

  • Patented SweatBlock Seal forms a water tight seal that channels sweat back and away
  • from the eyes and face.
  • Manufactured with high quality Dryline® fabric
  • Antimicrobial fabric is embedded with silver ions to inhibit the growth of bacteria
  • Headband is 2" wide in front and tapers back for good ear clearance
  • Hand wash, hang dry

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