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More About The Bryton Ant + Heart Rate Monitor Strap

Improve your workouts with our premium heart rate monitor, the Bryton Ant+ Heart-Rate Monitor. While you exercise with the Bryton Ant+ worn around your chest, it wirelessly sends your heart rate to any compatible device. Feedback while you’re training hard is now instantly at your fingertips.

The Bryton Ant+'s strap size is easily adjustable for your body, making for a more sturdy fit during any of your activities. You also do not need to worry about comfort, as the strap is made of a soft fabric.

Your GPS will always recognise your compatible device after pairing it just once. It is also optimized exclusively for your own device, which means it won’t pick up any other signals in crowded places like gyms or big races.

Caring for the product comes with little effort. Washing the strap can be done at your discretion, as the plastic heart-rate component can be easily remove from the strap.ut

More About The Mio Velo Heart Rate Monitor

Are you ready to enjoy a more comfortable ride? Then it’s time to ditch the heart rate monitor chest strap.The Mio VELO Heart Rate Monitor tracks your heart rate with peak accuracy from the wrist, so you can train with heart and in comfort. The Velo also it brightens your existing ANT+ sensors with Bluetooth Smart, so you can track your heart rate, speed, and cadence data, all in one place.

Comfort. Form. Function.

Mio VELO delivers maximum performance in supreme comfort. Its soft, durable silicone strap ensures a snug and comfortable fit – with no need for a chest strap, you’ll be more comfortable than ever with the Mio Velo heart rate monitor.

Finding Your Breath With The Mio Velo

Every Mio Performance Wearable contains our award-winning Optical Heart Rate Technology. No matter what speed you’re training at, this patented technology can sense the volume of blood beneath your skin, and immediately apply world-class algorithms to measure your heart’s rhythm and display your heart rate in the moment.

Read More about the Mio Velo Heart Rate Monitor: HERE.

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