Kinetic indoor Trainer Tyre 700x 23C

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Kurt Kinetic 700c Trainer Tyre Info

Riders who are dedicated enough to substitute their outdoor riding with indoor training, using rollers, are also the kind of riders who will put miles and miles into their riding. Training rollers, however, wear normal 700c road tires very quickly. This is where the Kurt Kinetic 700c Trainer Tyre comes into the picture. Since it is specifically designed for indoor training (using a resistance unit) this trainer tire will last much longer than your road tires. The Kurt Kinetic trainer tyre also features a design ensuring a tighter grip on the resistance unit rollers. The Kurt Kinetic trainer tyre sidewall also matches all trainer types and has a folding bead type design.

Why To Use A Trainer Tyre

Before you can answer that question you must decide if you are going to train indoors. Because a trainer tyre is simply a wear resistant tyre, designed to be used with a resistance unit - and a resistance unit is designed so that you can do indoor training on the same bike you ride the roads on. The advantages of indoor training using a resistance unit (and, in order to save money on wear - the Kurt Kinetic 700c trainer tyre) range from safety to the weather. Cars seem to be attracted to cyclists via some strange force, and although we do our utmost to ride where they won’t hit us, our riding location options are not always that favourable.

This is Why We Use Trainer Tyres

Although training on the road will always be the best race preparation, it is quite obvious that if the weather does not permit, or if you do not have the time to travel to a safe riding location, an indoor resistance trainer is a very good alternative. It keeps you on your race bike, so you stay used to its controls and its general “feel”, while also allowing you to ride indoors. And if you have a trainer tyre, you will also be saving your high quality road tires, for the days when the sun is out in force again, and the roads are free of cars. The days on which you reap the rewards of training with a trainer tyre - the days on which you smile because you are actually fit enough to enjoy your ride out on the real road, and smile because you have fresh road tyres on our bike.

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