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Oi! More than just a Bike Bell

Bicycle bells have been the same for a long time. They sound ugly, and look - kind of pathetic. The Oi is a company that, via a Kickstarter campaign, has funded a project to redesign the boring bike bell. They have created the future of bicycle bells. It has finally hit the shelves of our virtual store. Meet the Oi Bike Bell:

The Art of the Bicycle Bells

Most bicycle bells are rather large, and shaped like a cupcake. Oi bicycle bells are different though. Just look at the photographs. It hugs the shape of your handlebars while producing pitch-perfect warnings, or greetings, to the people you meet on the road. ‘

In the end, everything we do is our lives. So, if we want to live a life of art and style, even the humble bike bell must add to the greater song of our lives. That is why the people at Oi have ensured that their bicycle bells are designed with beauty in mind, built to be in tune and made from high quality materials. The style options include a black and a silver finish. Whatever you pick, you will find to have purchased the most beautiful bike bell on the market.

Ensuring the Right Fit

It would be rather a bummer if your Oi bike bell arrives, and you think: “My! It really is beautiful! I can’t wait to ride around with it on my bike, ringing at all the random strangers out there” - and then you find you have purchased the wrong size. That would really suck. Here are our quick tips on ensuring that the aforementioned dark day does not occur.

Simply measure your handlebar itself using a vernier calliper. (Or by looking from the top through a transparent ruler.) If it is between 25.4mm and 31.8mm in diameter you should order the Large. If it is around 22.2mm you need to order the small Oi bike bell.

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