Purple Extreme Chainlube

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Offshore Oil Rigs Birth The Ultimate Chain Lube.

Chain lube. Simple right? They are all kind of the same right? Except Purple Extreme. It was not merely built for the world of cycling. It was originally developed for use on offshore Oil Rigs - to lube chains that would operate under grueling conditions (think heavy machinery being operated in salt water,) for months at a time. Since then it has entered the world of cycling, and typically each application of Purple Extreme Chain Lube lasts cyclists more than 644 kilometers of road riding.

Purple Extreme Chain Lube - The Facts

Purple extreme is proven to work very well in acidic, abrasive, or wet and cold environments. Its additive technology forms a tough, slippery, synthetic film on metal that guards and protects moving parts exceptionally well. Purple Extreme does not attract dirt or harden in cold conditions, nor does it lose protection capacity even up to 200 degrees celsius (or down to - 38 degrees celsius) It is rust preventative and stubborn - Purple Extreme Chain Lube stays on your chain under even the harshest conditions.

The Importance of Film Strength in Chain Lube

When metal comes into contact with metal, something has to give. The softer metal slowly fades away. But if something can be placed between the metals it can reduce the amount of wear. This is one of the things chain lube does. But in order for it to work it has to ensure that the sprocket and the chain will not push it, the chain lube, out of the way, because then the metals will again be in direct contact with each other. Film strength is the term we give to indicate how well a chain lube resists this push-away. If a chain lube does not have a strong film strength, the rest of its capacities are basically useless. Purple Extreme has the highest film strength on the market today. The ASTM D 2782 test (aka The Timken Extreme Pressure Test) is one way of scientifically determining film strength. Purple Extreme Chain lube consistently scores a 90 - a number way higher than most of the competition.

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