SKS 29er Bicycle Pump

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A German Tool - The SKS Twentyniner Bicycle Pump

Bicycle Pumps are things we do not want to use. We do not want to have to use our bodies to return air to a flat tire. But, sometimes, this must be done. And when we face this small task, we desire to do it, like everything else we tackle, well. The 29er bicycle pump is a floor pump designed, and manufactured, by SKS in Germany. SKS has been manufacturing floor pumps since 1966 - in other words they have been at it for over 50 years - and have brought all their experience to the table in building the 29er. It’s a well designed bicycle pump that has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Some Details on the 29er Bicycle Pump

It stands 730mm tall and produces up to 5 bars (73 PSI) of output pressure. This translates to a tool that gives you the capacity to, if need be, pump a car tire with ease - using a bicycle pump. The Twentyniner bicycle pump features a large (80mm) dial that indicates pressure in both Bar and PSI. So, getting the exact pressure right when setting your bikes’ (or car’s) tires up for a specific terrain is also a breeze.

29er Bicycle Pump Extras

The SKS Twentyniner also includes two extra adapters that you can use to pump balls (soccer balls and rugby balls are almost always flat) or mattresses. Although the pump won't prevent your mattress from going flat in the middle of the night, its oversized barrel makes it easier for you to quickly pump the mattress back up in the dark.

Bicycle Pumps are the tools we use when we prepare to adventure, or when we are in the middle of an adventure - like when we are fixing a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. The SKS 29er is the kind of bicycle pump that just does its job, it keeps the pressure up.


  • material: steel / plastic
  • color: blue / orange
  • valve: AV, SV, DV
  • output max: 5 bar / 73 PSI
  • height: 730 mm

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