SKS AIrbuster CO2 Pump

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SKS Airbuster CO2 pump Info

The Airbuster CO2 pump is the kind of tool that is a joy to use. The highly pressurized carbon dioxide stored in the compatible 16g or 24g cartridges ensures a quick, hassle free inflation of any flat bike tire. (Provided, of course, that you could plug the hole)

The ease of use and the practical value of the SKS Airbuster CO2 pump is further enhanced via an internal pressure regulator - making it possible for users to pump their bike tires to the exact pressures desired. This is a useful feature, since different tire pressures perform very differently as the terrain changes from rocky to sandy. We know that having your tires at the correct pressure is a very important part of a bikes’ handling and the internal pressure regulator makes it possible to do this even when you are pumping your tire with a CO2 cartridge.

More Advantages Of Using a CO2 pump

A CO2 pump saves weight (the SKS Airbuster - including a cartridge - weighs only 113g) and, in the case of a flat tire, time. If you are racing professionally a flat tire can cost you valuable minutes. And since races are won in minutes, or sometimes in mere seconds, a CO2 pump can win a race.

It also looks rather cool when a buddy is busy pumping his deflated tire till he is red in the face, and you casually whip out your CO2 pump to inflate his tire without even breaking sweat. Basically a CO2 pump saves energy, since you do not have to exert your own strength to pump a tire - the pump does the hard work for you, channeling the pressurized carbon dioxide gas through the Airbuster CO2 pump into your tire - the energy saved you can then use where it matters, to ride your bicycle.

Why use the Airbuster instead of any other CO2 pump?

The Airbuster is made in Germany to the strict standards of SKS, a company that has been manufacturing bike pumps since 1966. It includes a sleeve to insulate the CO2 cartridge, a clip to attach it to your water bottle holder, one 16g CO2 cartridge, and the internal pressure regulator. The CO2 cartridge you use can also be stored attached to the Airbuster CO2 pump, making it much less likely that you will lose your CO2 cartridge.

If you want to know more about the SKS Aribuster CO2 pump, feel free to contact us - we will gladly assist you.

SKS Airbuster CO2 Pump Specs:

  • color: black
  • weight: 113 (incl. Cartridge) g
  • valve: AV, SV, DV

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